Top destinations in the world and flight ticket prices

Top travel locations to visit and how to book a flight: Kasbahs in the Draa Valley: This valley, which connects the southeastern end of the High Atlas with the desert beyond, is prime territory for architecture and history fans. All the way to the town of Zagora, the road is rimmed by palm tree oases and scattered with beautifully preserved kasbahs made from mudbrick, which are fascinating to explore. It’s a great place for a road trip, stopping off at villages along the way to admire the view and delve into the shady, dimly lit passages of the kasbahs. In particular check out Kasbah des Caids in Tamnougalt, which has been used as a location in plenty of Hollywood films, and Timidarte village, where the village’s kasbah architecture has been finely restored.

In 18th and 19th-century Paris, there were lots of glass-roofed shopping galleries in areas around the Grands Boulevards. These covered passages – essential precursors to the modern-day shopping centre – allowed you to take shortcuts, escape the elements or (ooh la la!) steal a forbidden kiss with your lover in relative privacy. Somewhat less romantically, most passages were also given a salon de decrottage: a room where the dog excrement you’d trodden through was scraped off your shoes. These days, the passages couverts are perfect little hideaways for an afternoon’s retail therapy.

Croatia is a firm favourite European destination for anyone looking for a sailing holiday. This country consists of many picture-perfect islands, historic towns, and wonderful local culture. Croatia is full of natural beauty and is an easily accessible country for sailing around. Some of the top cruising destinations for a holiday in Croatia include Dubrovnik, Split, Kornati, Zadar, and Hvar. There are also smaller islands, like Vis and Korcula that offer incredible experiences.

Book your plane ticket online and fly away with the cheapest flights around the world where you can discover new holiday destinations. Are there any other criteria to consider when booking a flight? Yes, as when refueling at the gas station, you can save a lot of money if the flight ticket is booked on the right day of the week and at the right time. You can even see it on the internet when flights are cheap, currently in the morning during the working week, you will find the cheapest flight tickets, on the weekend and especially on Sunday, flights are most expensive with a flight booking. Another criterion is the departure date of your flight, also here, weekdays it is usually cheaper than on the weekend to book your holiday flights. Low-cost airlines such as Rainair, Easyjet, Eurowings, Wizz Air, Niki, Norwegian are known for cheap flights as the cheapest ways to get an airline ticket to search for your plane in the near future go with the good feeling to have booked cheap flights. Then it is for you “welcome on board”, “please buckle up”, “our safety instructions for this type of aircraft can also be found in the seat pocket in front of you”, “if you have any questions, please contact a flight attendant of this aircraft”. Flight booking with help from Depatos and travel all over the world today!

As the largest museum in Lima, the Museo de la Nacion is the best place to begin exploring Peru’s ancient history and gain an understanding of Peruvian culture. The museum covers the entire archeological history of Peru, from the first inhabitants to the Inca Empire. Exhibits of ceramics and textiles, along with scale models of archeological sites such as Machu Picchu and the Nazca lines are arranged in chronological order to show the progression from one culture to the next. Most impressive is the replica of the grave of the Lord Sipan, the first of the Moche mummies found at Huaca Rajada in Sipan, Peru. Most displays are labeled and described in Spanish and English.

Dechen Phodrang Monastery: This dzong is situated in the north of the city of Thimpu. It serves as a school for monks, housing 450 students all enrolled in 8-year courses and a staff of 15. A number of fascinating and important Bhutanese artefacts are found here including some UNESCO monitored 12th-century paintings, a notable statue and a central Sakyamuni Buddha. Discover additional info on

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