Tenerife and Spain attractions and the local weather

Why visit Tenerife and the local weather? Tenerife is a great place if extreme and active sports are your thing. A sea kayaking or a canoeing trip is a great alternative to discover the island and its coastal parts. Don’t be scared of embarking on such extreme activities, since all trips are done with the help of a professional canyoning guide, who will guide you through this unique and majestic experience.

Alternative things to do in Tenerife: wine museum. Delight each of the senses with a wine tasting at Casa del Vino in El Sauzal in the north of Tenerife. It’s a great place to learn all about the island’s thriving wine industry (and have a few pre-lunch tipples, if you’re so inclined. I definitely was). You’ll also get to marvel at the intricate detail of the traditional Canarian ceiling in one of the rooms. Around 8,000 hectares of Tenerife is dedicated to wine production and the destination has five wine trademarks – a lot, considering its size! I loved learning all about the traditional cultivation methods and the state of Tenerife’s wine scene today at the wine museum. Oh, and look out for the museum’s two friendly cats!

Mount Teide National Park is a World Heritage Site and home to Mount Teide, a volcano and the highest mountain peak in Spain at 3718m above sea level. You can hike or take a cable car to the base of the final cone summit, where you will enjoy the breathtaking views of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and La Palma. If you want to head to the top of the summit you will need to get a permit in advance. The Teide Observatory is on Mount Teide at an altitude of 2400m above sea level. It is the world’s largest solar observatory and has an ideal location to observe the sun or night sky. Guided tours of the observatory are available. Read extra information on Tenerife monthly weather.

Ever wondered how many beaches there are in Tenerife? We have prepared a list of 101 beaches in Tenerife for you to discover and enjoy, but we’re certain that you can still find some that are not on our list. So please don’t go to the same beach every day and go out to explore more of Tenerife. Also, here’s a shorter list with the best beaches in Tenerife (in our opinion). Tenerife is an amazing destination for hiking and the best time for this activity is between October and May, when the temperatures during the day are ideal for walking (during the summer it can be too hot). We have an entire article about the best hiking trails in Tenerife (in our opinion, based on the hikes we did) but even out of those we definitely recommend you do the Chinyero Loop and the hike through the Enchanted Forest El Pijaral (Bosque Encantado), in order to see up close the beauty of the Anaga forest.

Holidays to Tenerife have been popular amongst us Brits for decades but not everyone who visits the island strays from its beaten path and experiences life beyond the resorts. I visited on a press trip with and Visit Tenerife to explore the lesser-known parts of the destination recently and discovered all of the fun, unique things to do in Tenerife. Over the course of our three day stay in Tenerife, I learned so much about the holiday destination. Did you know there are around 300 volcanoes there? Yeah, neither did I! Discover more details on

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