Tribal festivals and top travel attractions on the planet

Spiritual festivals and best destinations on the planet? Hill Top Festival has become a legend of its own, hosted in the legendary Goa, India. After almost a decade, the festival is thriving with international travelers from around the world. Even after local pressure from authorities, the venue hasn’t had too many issues just yet. Goa itself is known as a popular hippie decade for many decades. It’s worth checking out for any upcoming psytrance festivals in India as it’s one of the most affordable trips you can take.

Lima’s cathedral dominates the east side of the Plaza de Armas. Construction began on the original cathedral in 1535, and it was enlarged in 1564, based on the design of the cathedral in Seville, Spain. It was damaged by an earthquake in 1687 and almost destroyed by the big quake of 1746 but was quickly rebuilt to its present appearance. Look for the outstanding carved choir, a carving of Jesus in the chapel of St. John the Baptist, and the altars in the ornate Spanish Baroque style known as churrigueresque. A chapel decorated in mosaics holds the tomb of Francisco Pizarro, the founder of Lima. A small Museum of Religious Art lies in the back of the cathedral, and in the courtyard is a very pleasant tea room.

One of the city’s illest-kept secrets, La Petite Ceinture is a sort of pedestrian equivalent to the boulevard peripherique. What is it? Basically, an out-of-use railway that girdles Paris like, well, a little belt – hence the name. The track has been in disrepair since the last train made its swansong route in the 1930s. At the moment, the city council is unsure what to do with La Petite Ceinture – for now, it remains an, ahem, unauthorised way of navigating Paris.

National Museum of Bhutan: On the hill above Rinpung Dzong lies Ta Dzong, a watchtower fortress with seven stories that has housed the National museum of Bhutan since 1964. This unusual building is said to be in the shape of a conch shell. It was built in 1656 and is undergoing a process of restoration, following earthquakes in the last decade, that is due to be completed this year.

Earth-Beat is a 3 day conscious gathering with a shared vision of community, strength and spirit; a co-creative harvest gathering intended to strengthen the community before winter by celebrating the abundance and warmth of the past summer. With a great line-up of local and overseas performers, artists, healers, and speakers, Earth-Beat is a celebration of music, art and community. A family friendly event which offers plenty for the younger festival goer with kids’ entertainment, activities and workshops. Located at Kawai Purapura Retreat & Holistic Living Centre just 20mins from Auckland. Find extra info on spiritual festivals and gathetings.

Here are some of the top cruising destinations around Europe that you should definitely consider experiencing. When it comes to European yacht holidays, destinations don’t get much better than Greece. This country is known for its magnificent Mediterranean coastline, stunning islands, and historic port towns. You can explore beautiful blue coves, dock at private white beaches, and hop between the many different islands.

Along with Marrakesh, Fes is Morocco’s other big cultural destination. But unlike its sister Imperial City to the south, Fes hasn’t been trussed up for the tourists. Fes el Bali (old city) is an authentic muddle of a place, where it’s easy to get lost. The back alleys here, with their chipped plasterwork and gorgeous old doors, will have you stopping for photos on every corner, and visiting the stinking tanneries is one of Fes el Bali’s most popular things to do for those who can handle the smell. Discover more information on here.

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