What can you see in Guatemala and major festivals

Guatemala travel attractions and festival tours: Here we present a description and dates of the main festivals of Guatemala, activities that you can easily include in your vacations, we are sure that will improve your experience in the Heart of the Mayan World.

Major Festivals in Guatemala : Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala. During Holy Week, La Antigua Guatemala hosts one of the most amazing faith-based celebrations in Central America, when significant processions wind their way within the city’s avenues. The festival starts on Ashes Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, and gets to its climax on Good Friday when Antigua´s streets are thronged with processions and reverent spectator. Everyone embellishes the streets with Easter week carpets making use of dyed sawdust, plants, fresh fruit, veggies, and various elements producing impressive designs for the procession to pass through. The marches incorporate large floats, or ‘andas,’ displaying sculptures of Jesus with a cross, which are transported by many purple-robed males.

Giant Kites in Santiago & Sumpango Sacatepequez. The town of Santiago Sacatepequez is of Cakchiquel origins, and it is found 30 Kilometers from La Antigua Guatemala. Through the morning hours, people within this village gather inside the narrow roads and start their procession towards the community cemetery. Then, they participate in the most vibrant traditions of Guatemala, flying gigantic kites to talk with their family and friends that have past away. The special event happens in the cemetery, and it finishes having a delicious meal as well as a traditional dish known as “fiambre.” Find extra information at Vacations in Guatemala.

Other Guatemala attractions: In the humid jungle of northern Guatemala, near the border of Belize, stands one of the greatest archeological sites in Central America. The well preserved ruined city of Tikal, occupied between approximately 600 BC and AD 900, showcases more than 3,000 structures, from pyramids and temples to plazas and an acropolis. It was one of the most important urban Mayan centers for more than a thousand years and is today one of the largest Mayan archeological sites of its time period still in existence. The experience of visiting Tikal is certainly enhanced by the surroundings. Steep pyramids rise above the jungle’s lush green canopy and birds, monkeys, and other wildlife that frequent the area. Tikal National Park, which encompasses the ruins, is a biosphere reserve, protecting rainforest and wildlife habitat.

Situated in the lowland rainforest of northern Guatemala, Tikal is one of the top tourist attractions in Guatemala due to its beauty and ancient wonders. The name Tikal translates as “Place of Voices” (sometimes, “Place of Tongues”) and once boasted a bustling population of a quarter million or more. Today, however, all that is left of this ancient metropolis are a number of beautiful Mayan ruins. The city is surrounded by a large wildlife preserve, full of monkeys, parrots, deer, macaws and other incredible specimens. You’ll need to set aside a minimum of two days for a thorough exploration of this natural gem. Read even more information on

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